Thursday, February 16, 2012

Farmers can be Tweeters

Want an easier way to get messages to your buyers? Try Tweets!

Among this year's crop of websites is one that promises farmers they are just a step away from effective blogs, tweets and email campaigns. Targeting farmers,  AgChat offers real help with social advertising. AgChat's advantage over many other attempts to connect farmers into social media. AgChat is a Foundation with sponsors who pay to help make it meet farmers' social media needs.

Agvocacy offers Agchat, a weekly twitter chat at 8 pm Eastern time, where all a person has to do is log in to Twitter or go to the Agvocacy website.
Agvocacy defines  #AgChat  as "a weekly moderated conversation on Twitter for people in the business of raising food, feed, fuel, fiber." Visitors can share viewpoints and ideas about issues impacting agriculture, such as sustainability, water, communications, agronomy, animal welfare, USDA programs, mainstream media coverage and public perceptions of farming; or, they can just sit back and watch the conversation unfold.

Sister chat,  #FoodChat, also a creation of Agvocacy, takes place on the third Tuesday of each month. It is tailored more specifically to the interests of consumers, nutrition professionals, foodies and influencers of food choices. #FoodChat gives its followers an opportunity to “meet a farmer” and also helps those in agriculture learn from consumers.

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