Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Buying into a CSA means no weeds to pull

Joining a CSA  doesn't mean rolling up your pant legs and getting out a hoe.
After reading that some CSA shares sell out early, I chose one almost at random and put my check in the mail.
Well, don't be like me. After mailing the application form and check, I promptly forgot which one I joined. I checked my bank account for a week, thinking the check would post and I could see the name of my payee. No such luck. Turns out farmers are so busy farming they don't get to the bank very often.
I finally went back to the list of websites I'd found on the SWWA CSA website, clicked through them, and decided I would just call all of them until I found the one that had a check with my name on it.
I got lucky and found my CSA with the first call.
Smart peole would make those calls before sending the check, but, I have to confess, I'm elated with the CSA I've joined.
Owning a share in a CSA feels like being a part-owner of that farm, but better because I won't have to pull weeds!   

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